Spring is around the corner and E-CRUISER is perfect for cruising to your favourite picnic spot or to and from work on a sunny day. Plenty of power and range to choose from .  An all-rounder beach cruiser e-bike for fun and exercise. 
  • Frame:  26" alloy x 3 inch wide tyres 
  • Gears : 7 speed shimano  
  • Motor : Bafang 500W48V Geared hub motor drive .
  • Battery :  Samsung 48v/11.6ah light weight lithium battery. Easy slip on slip off with lock and key. Remove and charge anywhere with normal wall socket.  
  • Smart Charger - carry with you and easily charge your battery anywhere like a cell phone. 
  • Thumb throttle  - if and when you want to over-ride the power assist and just throttle up to power . Helpful on steep hills when you first take off just to get going.
  • Colour LCD Digital console - Backlit light for night riding , display of the speedometer , odometer for trip recordings , power assist level indicator , battery power indicator, time and temp. USB port for charging devices. 
  • USB Charging Port  - charging LED Light , Ipad and phones .
  • PAS / Pedal assist - 95 levels of power assist to choose from. 1 being the least amount of power and 5 the highest and you can switch up or down as required depending on the steepness of the hill and the power you need. 
  • Kickstand : e-bike specific sturdy and adjustable. 
  • Saddle : Spring suspension wide comfort 


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