Chilled Squirrel began building and retrofitting electric bikes in January 2014. 
It is our love of e-biking that drives us, and a passion that we continue to share with our customers.
We hope you enjoy your new electric bike for many years to come.
Electric fat wheel Bikes are versatile in that they may be ridden off-road and on-road .They originate in North America where they are particularly useful for riding on the snow. In South Africa they are useful for riding on soft sand and have proven to be useful and fun for getting to favourite fishing spots or for exercising and getting to remote areas along the vast beaches and sand dunes on the east and west coasts. The model you choose will depend on which kind of terrain you mostly ride on and your overall riding preferences. If you are not sure which e-fat bike will suit you best please take 1 minute to fill in this evaluation form and we will get back to you with options suit your situation best.