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GREVY'S is a new electric fat wheel folding bike from chilled squirrel and spells "Convenience deluxe". No need for a bike carrier / tow bar on your car or big space @ work or @ home. Easily pop it in your caravan or the corner of your office.  GREVY'S is easily folded up in seconds and is small enough to be placed into the boot of your car.  The smaller tyres 20" provide extra torque especially on soft sand. The tyres are 4 inch wide providing a cushioning-effect that absorbs additional shock from any bumpy terrain. Don't let GREVY'S small size fool you - she is dynamite in a small package and can take you an average of 55km on a single charge ! 


GREVY’S FAT BIKE was named after the Grevy’s Zebra.

Its population in the 70's was 15,000 & By early 2000's lower than 3,500, a 75% decline. One of the greatest threats facing the species today are habitat fragmentation and loss, as more land is converted to agricultural use.

With each purchase of a GREVY’S Electric fat bike we donate R350 to support projects aimed at protecting GREVY’s.

  • Frame : 20" folding alloy 6061 
  • Motor: Bafang rear geared disc brake compatible 750w / 48v. This motor will get you up the steepest of hills ( the smaller wheels also add a lot more torque to your rides than large diameter wheels) . 
  • LCD display : New Colour display with USB connectivity for charging devices. 
  • Samsung battery : Lithium ion 48v 11.6ah providing an average of 60km per full charge in medium level Pedal assist. 
  • Smart charger : 48v 3A compact , light weight and easy to carry charge your battery full in 3.5 hours. 
  • Shimano gears 7 speed Altus (  hub motors drive the wheel and not the components directly which ensures minimal wear and tear on gearing ) .
  • Brakes : Tektro electronic hydraulic disc brakes with cut-off safety switch. 
  • Pedal assist : 9 levels to choose from 
  • Throttle-on-demand : use a throttle for emergencies or when you are on a hill for initial take-off from a stationary position before power assist kicks in. (You do not need to use the throttle because this is a pedelec system. The throttle is only provided for extra convenience) .
  • Rear Pannier bag carrier & Front basket carriers - conveniently attach a box or bag to the front or rear for shopping, fishing , picnics or work. 
  • E-bike specific Kickstand - sturdy and durable. 
  • Performance : average speed 35km/hour , average range 60km per full charge at medium level PAS (pedal assist). 


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